1. jacknall asked: your championsona is adorable just sayin'


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  2. fudoggz asked: hi! i think your art is really great and it's inspiring me a lot lately

    Yo! Thanks a bunch, that’s one of the nicest messages I’ve gotten.

  3. Commission for crestedcranium of their Crested Gecko in maya style! 

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  4. Commission for Ceata88, pokemayan Regigigas, this one was tricky since it’s so abstract. 

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  5. Another commission for thatsjustridiculous (Part 2 of 2!) 

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  6. Commission for thatsjustridiculous (Part 1 of 2!) they character in maya form! 

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  7. All of you who can cook are magical to me, let me have a sexy affair with your cooking skills pls.


  8. Srsly need an awesome friend who can cook and is willing to feed me because I see all these amazing recipes but I know in my heart I fail.

    I fail so hard…

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  9. Yo! Are you sure you want to keep talking shit? 
    Pasita will stomp you to a pulp- In case you thought I was done with these dorks, my ‘Sona has the superpower of always having wind dramatically blowing her hair. 

  10. Sometimes you just need to give in and draw a pile of self congratulatory doodles. THIS DORK HAS A NAME NOW: Pasita.- he enjoys crest booping, my ‘Sona enjoys looking sparkly and having ladies fall for her at first sight. 

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