I'm a Mexican indie artist from Chiapas who loves comics and animation,
a lot of my work is inspired around Maya culture.

fizzywits asked...

I just wanted to say that your art is amazing! If it's okay to ask, how long has it taken you to master your art style, and have you flip-flopped with other styles in the past?

Hello! Thanks a lot for the compliment, that’s really sweet. you probably didn’t sign up to receive such a long answer to your question, but it really got me thinking so I hope you don’t mind:

My maya-based style started emerging a couple of years ago and I’ve been working on it consistently for perhaps 2 years now, it doesn’t sound like much at all looking back! But the truth is that I feel like before this I didn’t really have this kind of drive behind my work, it felt like I didn’t really have a voice or something that was really and uniquely me, now I’m really passionate about making it the best it can be!

To be honest with you I’m just now starting to feel like my knowledge and skill are reaching a point where my work is tighter and makes more “sense” shape and motion-wise. I’m far from having reached its peak tho; there is so many things I want to do with it (like animate, my ultimate goal!) it’s been awesome to see it grow into something on its own, and I always smile to myself when I realise I’ve come up with certain things that are now “marks” that define the work as mine (the half-rounded semi-squared curls, the shape of the teeth, gums, tongues, those “bumps” I add, certain shapes, the way things interlock) all those tiny details and more make me really proud of my style and I’m really looking forward to do more with it!

(Can you tell I love getting these questions?)